Is not the devil clever? Abortion is a heinous sin which cries to heaven for vengeance. "Avenge O Lord the blood of Thy saints, which has been shed upon the earth" (Ps lxxviii:10) There are more than 1.5 million abortions each year in the USA! The devil is not stupid — the devil is evil. As a clear consequence of abortion, the number of healthy babies available for adoption is very limited. There are many couples who desire to have a baby and to this end, they have recourse to so-called 'fertility experts' who offer treatments such as artificial insemination and 'in vitro fertilization' (IVF —'in vitro' simply means in Latin 'in glass', i.e, in a laboratory dish or a test-tube). One must remember that the modern medical schools are devoid of Catholic principles and ethics. These schools graduate doctors who willingly perform abortions! These same schools graduate other doctors who become 'fertility experts' who are completely devoid of any moral principles and who take means that are intrinsically evil and condemned by the Roman Catholic Church. One must always remember that the end does not justify the means.

In England in 1978, a baby girl named Louise Brown was born; she became known as the world's first so-called 'test-tube' baby. Since then, so-called 'fertility - clinics' have become a multi-million dollar industry — all in violation of the law of Almighty God.

It may surprise many Catholics to learn that in 1897 the Sacred Congregation of the Holy Office answered a question concerning artificial insemination with a brief response stating that artificial insemination is illicit. It was however, on September 29, 1949, His Holiness Pope Pius XII expounded on this subject at length and in no uncertain terms. Pope Pius XII said this:

"We have already had many occasions to speak on a good number of special points regarding medical morality, but now we have here a question of the first order, which with no less urgency than other questions requires the light of Catholic doctrine: it is the question of artificial insemination. We could not allow this opportunity to pass without indicating briefly a general outline of the moral judgement regarding this subject. The practice of artificial insemination, when it is applied to man, cannot be considered exclusively, nor even principally, from a biological and medical viewpoint, while leaving aside the viewpoint of morality and law. Artificial insemination is to be condemned purely and simply as immoral. In fact, the natural law and positive Divine Law are such that procreation of a new life may only be the fruit of marriage. Marriage alone safeguards the dignity of husband and wife — and in the present case, particularly that of the wife — and their personal well being. Marriage alone provides for the good and for the education of the child. …it is sufficient for us to recall the principles of natural law: the simple fact that the desired result as obtained by this means does not justify the employment of that method itself; nor yet does the desire of marriage partners — most legitimate in itself — to have a child, suffice to prove the lawfulness of recourse to artificial insemination for the fulfillment of that desire. … Moreover, it is superfluous to indicate that the active element can never be lawfully obtained by acts that are contrary to nature. Although one may not exclude 'a priori' the use of new methods simply on the grounds that they are new, nevertheless, with regard to artificial insemination, it is not only a case of being extremely reserved, but it must be rejected entirely. We must never forget this: It is only the procreation of a new life according to the will and the plan of the Creator which brings with it — to an astonishing degree of perfection — the realization of the desired ends. This is, at the same time, in harmony with the dignity of the marriage partners, with their bodily and spiritual nature, and with the normal and happy development of the child."

On October 29, 1951, Pope Pius XII again addressed this subject:

"To reduce the cohabitation of married persons and the conjugal act to a mere organic function for the transmission of the germ of life would be to convert the domestic hearth, sanctuary of the family, into nothing more than a biological laboratory. Hence in our address of September 29, 1949 …we formally excluded artificial insemination … . The conjugal act in its natural structure is a personal act, a simultaneous and immediate cooperation of the spouses which, by the very nature of the participants and the special character of the act, is the expression of the mutual self-giving which, in the words of Holy Scripture, effect the union 'in one flesh'.… This is much more than the mere union of two life-germs, which can be brought about artificially, that is without the natural action of the spouses. The conjugal act, as it is planned and willed by nature, implies a personal cooperation, the right to which the parties have mutually conferred on each other in contracting marriage."

Once again on May 19, 1956 Pope Pius XII discussed briefly the question of artificial insemination 'in vitro'. He stated unequivocally that this procedure "…must be rejected as immoral and absolutely illicit."


There can be no doubt that artificial insemination is intrinsically evil and has been clearly and unequivocally condemned by the Roman Catholic Church. The rights of marriage do not give to the spouses the right to have a child but rather the right to the conjugal act that is naturally apt to beget a child. Therefore one may not resort to immoral and illicit means to attain this end.

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