Ladies and Girls:

  • Modest dress or skirt
  • Head covering.(Veils available in vestibule)
  • No tight fitting, low cut, short, slit, sleeveless or revealing clothing
  • No pants or trousers

Men and Boys:

  • Dress shirt and tie
  • Suit coat, jacket or sweater
  • Dress shoes

Forbidden for All:

  • Shorts
  • Tee-shirts
  • Sweat shirts
  • Sweat pants
  • Athletic shoes
  • Jeans
  • Clothing with messages, large brand logos, sports logos, etc

Everyone is reminded to observe the traditional standards of modesty as posted in the vestibule:

According to the Apostolic custom and Church law, women and girls are required to have their heads covered. Out of respect for Our Lord and for the edification of our neighbour, women and girls must dress modestly. Slacks, shorts (this includes 'culottes'), sleeveless low-cut and tight-fitting dresses do not meet the norms of Christian modesty.

Men and boys should not wear jeans, casual clothing or sports attire but rather a dress shirt and tie. Your cooperation in this matter is evidence of your love for Our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament.

Traditionally, Catholics distinguished Sunday from working days by wearing better clothes, in order to show their veneration for Almighty God exteriorly as well as interiorly. To this custom St. Leo the Great gives testimony, saying: "If it is reasonable, and, to a certain extent a duty, to clothe one's self better on a feast-day thus by the dress of the body to manifest the joy of the heart and if we adorn the house of Almighty God with greater care and richer ornaments, is it not becoming that the Christian soul, which is a true and living temple of the Holy Ghost, should be adorned and free from spot or wrinkle when about to celebrate the mystery of the Redemption?" Behold herein the reason why we wear better clothes on Sundays; it is done to honor of Almighty God outwardly, and to indicate at the same time the beauty with which the soul should be adorned. Do you wear your best clothes on Sundays and holidays for the honor of God ? The devil is always busily engaged in the ruin of man; but it is especially on Sundays that he oversows cockle among the wheat, because many are asleep; that is, instead of laboring for the sanctification of their souls, they pursue pleasures, and expose themselves to dangers and occasions of sin. Sundays in particular are the days most desecrated by sin and vice, and on which countless souls lay the foundation of their eternal ruin. It was not so in the early ages of the Church; the Catholics of those days employed the Sundays most scrupulously for the service of Almighty God.

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